About Us

About Us

Parkwood & Cavanaugh is a family run customs broker with customer service at our core. From the moment you call or walk in to meet with us, we make sure that all of your shipments are given careful attention and consideration from start-to-finish—right down to how to calculate the right duty and taxes. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our licensed brokers have access to the latest software and systems to confirm every detail about what it means for each individual shipment. With a variety of different business clients, we make it a priority to understand your business and build strong business-oriented relationships with all of our clients. And because we are a small family-owned brokerage, we treat your business like it’s our business. Exceptional People. Exceptional Service. Delivered Personally.

What Makes Us Different?

Family Run Business

We are a second-generation customs brokerage who are committed to the success of our clients and delivering expert advice in an increasingly complex world. We are able to offer all of the benefits of a large company with personalized service of a smaller firm.

Deep Industry Knowledge

We pride ourselves on having deep industry knowledge. Canadian Customs is a difficult and complex regulatory environment. Our team has a deep understanding of the regulations, processes and compliance requirements needed to get shipments through in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Strong Industry Relationships

We believe in the power and the commitment of a handshake. From then until now, we continue to build and nurture strong relationships across the industry that allow us to solve the most complex customs challenges with ease.

E-Commerce Experience

Our experience with ecommerce imports can really help your small business save time and money. Our team will ensure you have the right HS code for your goods and will determine if you qualify for any/all preferential tariff treatments.

Global Solutions

We have a strong network across the globe to serve you better! With most of our closest clients being freight forwarders, feel confident knowing if you need logistics help we have it.

Experienced Customs Specialists Who Work for You!

Our specialists are here to help you with your importing and exporting needs. Let our experts handle it! With over 100 years of combined experience, we have dealt with every type of situation imaginable. You can feel safe knowing that we know how to properly deal with customs and our customers!

Our Clients Vouch For Us!

Exceptional People. Exceptional Service. Delivered Personally.

Parkwood and Cavanaugh is a family run business who has been providing exceptional and personalized Customs services since 1995. We treat your business like our own. It’s why we say, we take it personally. Call us today to see how we can work with you to help grow and scale your business.