"We Aim To Make Importing And Exporting Easier By Keeping You Informed, Let Us Work For You!"

Here at Parkwood & Cavanaugh Ltd. we believe that customer service and customs clearances should go hand in hand. We are a family owned brokerage with over 100 years of experience. Being a small business makes it easier to build strong business-oriented relationships with all of our clients. We have 7 professional and friendly staff members who take the utmost care when it comes to processing your shipments. We will look in depth to make sure you are spending the least amount of money on duties and taxes on your very unique shipments.


Chris Asselstine

Chris is the owner and president of Parkwood, He is a hard working father of three who has 35 years of experience in the customs field. He completed his CSCB in 1984 and worked as a Senior Manager for 11 years. In 1995 Chris decided to create a brokerage of his own, Parkwood & Cavanaugh. He has taken Parkwood and turned it into the small yet successful business it is today with the help of his employees. He has extensive experience and knowledge about the customs field.

Kenwin Richards

Ken is our Senior Consultant and Co-President, and a good family friend. Ken has over 50 years of customs experience, he is a pro at what he does. He oversees all of the Refunds and Drawbacks for Clients. Ken owns his own consulting business with which he does Refunds and Drawbacks when necessary.

Maureen Humphrey

Maureen has been with Parkwood since the day it opened in 1995. She is the voice behind the business, between 9 - 5 she will generally be the one answering the phones. Maureen has been in the business for over 35 years. She is a Senior Rater and she is very knowledgeable and efficient at what she does.

Christa Asselstine

Christa is Chris’ oldest daughter, she has been working part-time with Parkwood since the age of 14. Christa graduated with honours from Laurentian University in 2009 with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. She holds a Business Certificate from Georgian College in Barrie where she studied courses in International Business. She joined Parkwood & Cavanaugh on a more permanent basis in August 2012. Over the past year and a half, she has learned quite a bit about the customs process. She currently manages the revisions and amendments that are done for imported shipments into Canada as well as client relationships.

Cody Asselstine

Cody is Chris' youngest child. He has been working part-time in this office since he was 10 years old. Cody is a recent graduate from the Customs program at Fleming College in 2012 and he also took Business Administration to get a better idea of the structural integrity of a business. Everything is fresh in his mind, making him a great full-time addition to the Parkwood team. He joined Parkwood as a full-time employee in late April 2013, He is now the youngest member of the team, though he still has a vast amount of knowledge in the field. Over the past year, he has seized the role of Rater and lead IT. He also oversees the classification process. Cody is eager to meet the requirements to apply for his Brokerage License, to become a Certified Customs Broker.
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Brandon Meeks

Brandon has been in the Customs field since 2012 when he graduated from the Customs/Border Services course at Sir Sandford Fleming College. He started working at the age of 19 and since beginning his career in Customs, he has achieved his CCS and plans to acquire his Brokerage license next. He has experience working with many different products ranging from live animals, food, medication, to apparel, machines, and everything in between.